Dear prospective buyer,

Thank you for your interest!

For your information: Since 1968 we’re building houses and apartments in many German metro-areas. Our Management can look back to five generations experience in building and construction.

As our customer you’ll get several advantages, e.g.:

  • In most areas you can visit a beautiful appointed model home to see how your own house will look later.
  • You will get a guarantee for a full 5 years for your new house or apartment.
  • We guaranty you a final inspection date which becomes part of the sales contract. For every month delay we pay you up to 2.000 € a month, the exact amount depending on the house price.
  • You’ll get a very competitive, careful calculated fixed price without any danger of later mark-ups. This price includes land and improvements, key in the door. So there will be no unpleasant surprises.
  • The same applies for any special items, should you order them as extras.
  • You’ll have a German bank guarantying completion and your payments to us. So you are sure your money is safe.
  • As you see on our website you can buy and build an INTERHOMES-house in many German cities.
  • Your new home will be built accd. to current environmental standards with very low heating costs due to exceptionally good isolation.
  • You will get a turnkey-contract for your new your house, including the fully improved lot, the necessary improvements and all planning, permit and other costs except your financing costs, the fees of the notary and the German land transfer tax. If a translation of the contract is necessary you will have to arrange this.  Your contract will have a meticulous description of what you buy, so you are assured what standard of building we deliver.
  • You’ll get a garage, a carport or a parking space. This depends on the house model you’ve chosen.

Our clients buy our houses for themselves to live in, or as an investment. In some subdivisions we offer on a limited basis the possibility to use “sweat equity”, your own work could in this cases be used as part of financing the house.

Our sales people only speak German. If you want to visit our show houses please make sure, that there is someone with you who speaks German. Otherwise we ask you to make an appointment with us early so that we can have a college present who speaks English.

Before any decision you can order a free DVD (German). You’ll see how we build, work and what clients have to say about their experiences with INTERHOMES. Of course a visit to one of our model homes gives you an even better impression of the quality we offer our customers.

Call us or write us an e-mail to arrange a visit in one of our show houses or apartments.

Phone: 0049-421-8411-0, Email:

U kunt in een mooi ingerichte modelwoning zien en ervaren hoe uw toekomstige huis er uit kan zien